I’m Last!

Okay, January was not that productive Amateur Radio wise.  A week in Turkey with Janey (G1YIF) with no radio present followed by getting our business running again only to take another week off with some foul virus that knocked both of us off our feet. This was followed by a week of getting the business going again, radio took the back burner, monitoring my ‘new’ local repeater GB3WM and keeping thehamradio.website updated was about all that was done. The shack is always cold and uninviting at this time of the year anyway.

So the first upload of Logbook of the Air took place yesterday and it contained just yesterday’s workings. All FT8, I like the mode as I can continue to work, I was engraving pencils and I can have a few contacts at the same time.

Now, previous years I had looked at doing the CQ Marathon, I found the filling in of the spreadsheet a little of a chore and to be fair. Last year’s spreadsheet as not liked by Excel and  find it extremely tedious to enter the details as I only had two lines that I could scroll at the bottom of the page and could not find anyway to release the rest of the worksheet to make life easier.

This year I decided to give the marathon a miss, I’ve lost a month already, anyway the ARRL International Grid Chase seemed to be a better idea as I upload all my workings to LotW anyway. I checked the TQSL program had my Maidenhead Locator, upload and hey presto today went to the chase’s webpage to see how I fared. Yes, I’m last with one confirmed square. But it’s a start, and, I’m in the chase. I shall be back on at 14:30 UTC (ish) 30m FT8 today, yep, more pencils to engrave, but that’s another story.

I’m Chris, G8YPE.

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