First Day Contacts

Gosh, it was a long time ago and to be fair not very pleasant. Funny the things that just pop into your head.

My dad had a TV shop in the 60’s and I used to read though his Practical Wireless and if I remember right Practical Television every month. There always was a wonderment about radio and crystal sets were what I was into, homemade of course.

My first experience of Amateur Radio was meeting G8LRS at Aston University when I became a DJ on University Radio Aston in the very late 70’s. I found out where the local RAE course was held, dad immediately offered a lift there and signed up too.

Course taken, passed, licence applied for, that took and age and we both got our calls in October 1980. G8YPF (dad) and I was G8YPE. Dad went to work with his TR2300 set up in the car, I went to work with my TR2300 over my shoulder. I was so proud, happy, life goal as it’s now called ticked. Made loads of CQ calls, nothing. I then met Jamie G8XMF at the University and I called CQ again and I was so glad he was there with me. Years of wanting, months of course nights, an exam and then the months of waiting for the license to arrive and the response ‘Oh don’t be stupid pirate, pick a callsign that’s been issued, that group hasn’t been used yet’. I remember the exact words as if it was yesterday. JamieĀ  knew the ‘ham’ in question and put him right. Dad however had had a great day on the old GB3BM repeater and I spoke to him later via the box on the way home, no shouts of ‘PIRATE!’. Happy days!

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